Free Excel Help & Tutorials

Excel4u wants you to use Excel more efficiently. So we have prepared a number of helpful guides to the software.

Our Excel consultants know a lot about Microsoft Excel, but no-one in the world has used every single function the software offers. Where possible, we look to provide online Excel help and tutorials. This section of the site contains a number of guides to get you using Excel more efficiently. You can find more content on our Excel experts’ blog.

We offer three types of tutorial. Firstly, we have video guides to common functions and formulas. These cover some of Excel’s most popular functions. Most Excel users are familiar with creating basic sums but sometimes you want to go a bit further. Therefore we present a number of variants on the SUMIF function. We also look at text functions and a number of the most useful tools available for everyday use. These tutorials are hosted on our own YouTube channel to which you may subscribe.

Although extremely useful, Excel formula help guides are available on plenty of other websites. Our Visual Basic videos are not. If you’ve ever heard of macros or attempted to code in Excel, these should prove extremely interesting. If you are not a computer programmer, but want Excel to automate a series of data manipulations then these are the guides for you. Instead of telling you everything you don’t need to know about Excel Visual Basic, they simply focus on getting you up to speed as quickly as possible. They teach you how to program efficiently without compromising the reliability of your final spreadsheet. The guides were created by our Excel experts based on years of experience.

Finally we have a few visual guides to Excel. Have you ever seen a spreadsheet in which you can scroll down the page without losing site of a table’s header? If so, did you wonder how they did that? If not, doesn’t it sound useful? Sometimes the steps needed to achieve an end product are self-explanatory and it’s quicker just to see the images than sit through a whole video. The topics covered are those that have proved useful to our clients in the past.

If you need more bespoke training, you can always request a quote and one of our Excel consultants will get back to you today.