400 million people use Microsoft Excel. The vast majority of users learn the software on-the-job by copying colleagues. Some attend day training courses, some go online to find solutions to specific problems; but we’ve found the best way to learn about Excel is one-on-one tuition.

The problem with most forms of Excel training are that they do not showcase what the software can do, instead they teach the user how to do the things they already know are possible. Do you know what a pivot table is? Do you know what macros can do? If you have answered “no” to either of those questions, the next question is “would learning these functions help you go about your business?” If you use Excel, then Excel4Business’ one-on-one training is for you.

The benefit of completing an Excel training course is that it will expose you to a lot of new functionality. The downside is that the content of a normal course may be irrelevant to you and your business. This is why our consultants offer bespoke, individual training that helps you work with and improve the spreadsheets you actually use in the office.

Our consultants can offer one-to-one training sessions in Excel. We can work through your spreadsheets at your pace and teach you a series of tips and tricks to help you get more out of Excel. There is no clear dividing line between our Excel training and consulting services; it’s all about how much you wish to engage with the development of the spreadsheets you use.

Excel4Business. We use Excel efficiently. You can too.