Microsoft Excel Consultancy

Excel4u is fundamentally a very simple service. The name says it all. We help businesses use Microsoft Excel more efficiently and have worked with over 400 companies across 5 continents.


Excel4u provides comprehensive, independent support to businesses using Microsoft Excel. Our website can give you instant access to experienced consultants developing solutions for businesses across 5 continents, with the majority of our clients in the US and the UK.

We solve problems quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to you, your company and your working environment. Where possible, we will provide training so you can solve your own problems in future. We provide the most cost-effective solution to all those hours wasted when you reach the limit of your Excel knowledge.

Excel4u was an Excel consultancy founded by experienced Excel expert, Ed Bolton. Having completed consulting projects for over 100 clients, he identified that the biggest barrier to efficient Excel use was the effort required to get expert Excel help. With a fragmented market of independent consultants, bringing in a consultant can be a slow and inefficient process. Therefore the ambition of Excel4Business is to become the world’s first “go to” provider of Excel consulting and support services.


Our business is built around three core values; trust, efficiency, and success. It is absolutely vital that our service meets your expectations. Therefore, we would normally only ask for payment upon satisfactory completion of a project.

Excel4u has links with a number of trusted providers Overall Bangladesh. This means we can guarantee our clients a high quality of service at all times. We do not believe in cheap outsourcing solutions as nearly all Excel projects require a consultant who understands the business context in which a spreadsheet is used.